Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh, To Be A Cat.

Oh, to be a cat but feel like a lion; to have the world as your oyster and spend your days napping in the sun; to be center of your own universe, and have all your world and life revolve around yourself; how would it be?
My cat is the most confident and self-assured person I know. She stalks shadows and toys around my apartment like a lion on the plains of Africa. She knows that she is important and never questions my love for her. She never hesitates to ask for what she wants or needs, even though I am not always adept at understanding her. If she wants space, she doesn't yell at me or push me away. She simply goes to a different area of the house and relaxes until she is ready to see me again.

My cat loves passionately and fully. She does not wait around for others to love her. She gives her love, confident that in giving love she will receive love in return. She asks for love gently and sweetly but also boldly and assuredly. If she needs attention from me, she makes it known and then waits patiently for me to give to her. If I am too busy and shoo her away, she doesn't take it personally. She simply finds something else to do. She is comfortable sitting on the chair on the other side of the living room away from me because physical distance does not remove the bond she has to me.

My cat does things just because they are fun without a single thought of what I or anyone else will think of her. She attacks my toes in the middle of the night because they are little people to play with while the big people are sleeping. She runs through the house, joyfully and excitedly, playing tag with shadows on the ceiling. She doesn't care who is watching or what they think of her. She doesn't care if someone sees her run into the glass door or slide across the hard floor awkwardly. She digs in my houseplants because she enjoys it, regardless of what I say to her. Her motto seems to be: It's fun. Who cares?

When a person is described as "cat-like", it conjures up ideas of that person being independent and withdrawn, stealthy, aloof and/or standoffish. I think this term needs to be re-evaluated. We could all learn a thing or two about confidence, love, and joy by being more like a cat. I, for one, am going to use her as a personal example more often. I encourage the reader to do the same.

Love fully. Sing loudly. Dance wildly. Make noise. Do the things you enjoy and don't let yourself be bothered with who is watching or what they are thinking. Do things just because they feel good. Play! Give your love and friendship away to everyone, you wont run out. Tell people when you need them, but don't be too pushy if they don't have time for you at the moment. They will come around and if they don't, you know you didn't waste too much time on trying to get them to. Ask for what you want. Don't expect people to just know. Be understanding and persistent but kind when someone doesn't exactly "speak your language". Be passionate. Be bold. Be whatever you are, but be the best you. Don't just be a cat, be a lion.

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