Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This is a poem that was on my blog before I erased it all. I am posting it on here again because I like it. I wrote this when I was about....17. Which is almost 10 years ago. Scary.

Considered to be a weed by most,
They have no specific reason to boast.
Yet still they shine their happy smiles,
And grow on the roadside for miles and miles.

Fragile? No not this little dandy.
Who wasn't allowed to keep company with the pansies.
Strong as ever even after you mow.
You pull, you dig, but still they grow.

Never asking anything from above.
Just water, sunshine, and a little love.
Never getting much from people in return,
But we all know no matter how much you burn
This little flower will never be gone.
It will forever haunt your heart and your lawn.

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